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Cloud storage tools integration

By September 18, 2017Corporate

Today’s enterprises have become content creators and publishers. But they lack experience press editors mastered for years. To succeed in the fast-paced business world flooded with data and documents, they’re on a hunt for content management and publishing business tools that can mirror the way their employees work. In this article, we’re explaining how integration between existing cloud sharing tools used in enterprise today and apps technology is the answer. How non-tech savvy employees can become app managers.

We’re all creating documents

For any of you creating documents at work (presentations, invoices, new starters inductions, website copy, multimedia zips etc), it’s more than likely that you’ve been saving and sharing them with your colleagues via cloud storage tools. You might be using: and many others. Even if you didn’t realise your business like majority of others moved from physical cabinet files and local servers to the cloud.

Better productivity thanks to cloud

But why is it helpful? Here are a few scenarios you might face everyday:

Accessibility: your teams might be in a different time zone, anywhere

Speed and collaboration: you need to share and make changes together fast

Multi device: long gone is the time when you were glued to your desk, ideally you want to use any device available

“A recent survey {..} showed that companies investing in collaboration technologies increased productivity by as much as 400%.”, Frost & Sullivan

We’re all sharing them too  

Now imagine, that you are not only in charge of creating documents. Every day you need to share and publish them. There are various scenarios:

– you need to send them via email

– upload to a website

– add to the intranet page

– post in a blog and share on social media

– add to your business app

– share with sales teams

The list is endless.

Box to the rescue?

Launched in 2005, boasting 44 million users and 4 billion of monthly content interactions (DMR, 2017). Box has become one of the top enterprise file solutions. It’s not only big when it comes to anywhere-access and sharing but it also easily works with the other tools you might use. In their long- term plan they announced that they want to become a platform upon which companies build their own customized cloud applications. It’s all about integrating it with existing applications using modern, open protocols. In a nutshell Box offers a set of APIs for enterprise application integration {TechTarget}.

Will we all also become app managers?

Today, we have benefitted from the API from Box and integrated our mobile apps and content technology with Box. Our software allows business to create apps. But we know that keeping them up to date can be a challenge. That’s why we now enabled a simple drag and drop app content updates by linking documents uploaded to the Box storage with our software. It is all about using business tools that easily sync and work together so you can continue working the way you’re used to with tools already in place.

Here is how it works:

  • Create your document and save it as a PDF
  • Configure our technology to enable the Box integration feature
  • Agree the files structure and naming with your app manager
  • Drag and drop it to your Box storage
  • It automatically appears in your app

But is this for you?

Branding changes looming? Yes, this is your solution

  • Imagine you’re working in the marketing department and need to roll out a new logo or brand identity across all websites, documents and apps. Bingo! Drag and drop your updated docs to your Box folder and the minute after, they are available on all your mobile devices for all your employees and customers!

New product prices have been approved? Yes, this is your solution

  • Imagine you’ve got a new pricing grid and a new product sheet to launch. Drag and drop your updated price list and product sheet and the minute after, your sales force gets the update live on the road!

Your recruitment process have changed? Yes, this is your solution

  • Imagine new internal career opportunities are in place. How do you inform all employees no matter where they work: in the office, from home, remotely? Drag and drop your HR document to the Box storage linked with your internal employees app and everybody sees it there straight away, delivered directly to their devices.

Could this feature be interesting for your business? Could your marketing, HR, branding teams become managers of your existing business apps?

Contact us publishing@aquafadas.com to find out more.

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